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  [Abstraction. Axel Stockburger]

Video: Axel Stockburger (D)
Audio: Axel Stockburger (D)
Dauer: 5.00 min

Limited edition,
text by the artist
33 + 4 exemplars

280 Euro (inkl. 10% UST)

Kunstverein Medienturm Graz

Edition text:
Diana Baldon

At first site Stockburger’s video Abstraction (2008) appears as the brainchild of the rainbow effects of the star gate. To be brought in the giant wormhole is not a “space gater” but 100,000 pictures found in the most comprehensive image search technology on the web: Google Image Search. Kubrick’s abstract colour planes are here replaced with images outsourced from different engines by way of search by keyword approach. Reflecting upon a theme, that of “abstraction”, Stockburger turns this topic of investigation into a methodological tool used to used to compile images tagged by internet users and following these engines’ recommendations to what can denote “abstraction”.

Diana Baldon