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  [narziss + goldarsch: meine baustelle1. Hans Scheirl]

Video: Hans Scheirl (A)

Length: 6.00 min.

Limited edition, signed by the artist
34 + 5 exemplars

Price: 300 Euro (incl. 10% UST)

Editor: Kunstverein Medienturm Graz

Edition text: Andreas Spiegl
The very titles of Hans Scheirl´s works – “Phalloplastic Playspace Party“, “In/effective Ejaculation Management“, “Corporate Castration“ or even “narziss + goldarsch: meine baustelle1“ – signal the juxtaposition of seemingly disparate areas: on the one hand the world of desire and the construction of a gendered identity and, on the other, the world of economic interests and global capitalism. The distinction between internal and external worlds, private and public spheres, male and female are revealed to be ideologic constructions. The experience and production of reality and therefore all power relationsships are coloured and fired by the “economy of desire“ (J.F. Lyotard). This system of (dis)order, which needs continually to be recreated, regulates both the energy of the flow of desire and the pulse of the curbs on desire and the energy that is generated when the gratification of direse is delayed by being shifted to a new „medium“ or a different time frame.



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Hans Scheirl, narziss + goldarsch: meine baustelle1, 2008. Video: Super 8 auf DVD PAL 4:3, 05.20 min. Courtesy Edition Medienturm Graz