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  [Ufo. Klaus Schuster]

Video: Klaus Schuster (A)

Audio: Klaus Schuster (A)

Length: 6.40 min. Limited edition, signed by the artist 34 + 5

Price: 300 Euro (incl. 10% UST)

Editor: Kunstverein Medienturm Graz
The video “Ufo“ shows a white cube which is light up by bright neon light, wherein an almost ceiling-high black ball rolls, which is set in motion by a threateningly staggering floor. A real voice of an American policeman (sometime in the fifties) can be heard, who, while sitting in his car, catches sight of an UFO and thereafter describes the alien object in the sky via voice radio to the control center. The big black ball seems to be exactly the object which the policeman is currently watching, whereas the unidentified flying object already has invaded the space: the alien evil is thus among us by now. In this sense, the motion of the space can be read as the attempt to expel the ball through one of the open doors in order to preserve order again.