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  [FIVE PATTERNS. David Muth]

Video: David Muth (A)

Audio: David Muth (A)

Length: 1.34 min.

Limited Edition, signed by the artist:
34 + 5 exemplars

Price: 300 Euro (incl. 10% UST)

Editor: Kunstverein Medienturm Graz Edition

Text: David Muth
The term “pattern” is little short of summing up a graphical and conceptual genre in new media – traditionally one might simply say swatch or ornament as well. In electronic arts the term describes a process driven by a structured formula, whereby a fluid matrix emerges through the repetitive assemblage of single elements. David Muth´s video “Five Pattern” breaks with this common practice, and he does so by working with this story in a pictorial and humorous fashion. Muth photographs patterns of industrially manufactured covers that adorn the seats of public transport and obviously don’t promise any additional artistic value – to a greater degree their masking abstracted compositions seem to be precondition for diverse usage, resistant against contaminants. In close-ups Muth zooms into the encountered graphical structures and blends them with further patterns, as if he would like to invoke a discursive massacre. Applied arts meets fine arts, abstraction meets the real life.