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  [Helmut Mark Edition. Print]

Material: original drawing, ink on paper, 20,1 x 23,8 cm

Limited Edition:
50 exemplars

Price incl. catalogue SKULPTUR. Helmut Mark:
190 Euro (inkl. 10% UST)
On the occasion of the exhibition SKULPTUR from 07.03-26.04.2008, a printedition has been published.
Helmut Mark became well-known in the 1980s for his video sculptures, having critically actualized the question of the role of artistic practices and their traditional forms—painting and sculpture—within the extensive debates on the influence of new media on society. If you will, the examination of objectivity can be found relatively consistently in his artistic practice. In his first major solo exhibition in over ten years, he continues these debates in a newly adjusted social setting. The question as to what extent objects can still be enacted as carriers of meaning—or to what extent they need to be reactualized with regard to their involvement in contexts of meaning production—points directly to a debate on the altered meaning of objectivity within the “transnational capitalist project” (George Lipsitz) of “liquid modernity” (Zygmunt Baumann).



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Helmut Mark, Revolution, 2008. Orignalzeichnung, Tusche auf Papier, 20,1 x 2.