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  [DOUBLE LOCATION (The Ambassodor Hotel). Karina Nimmerfall]

Video: Karina Nimmerfall
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Limited edition,
signed by the artist
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Kunstverein Medienturm

Edition text:
Rainmar Stange
Karina Nimmerfall (Berlin) topicalizes the influence of current film and television productions on different blueprints of reality and their structure, and analyses phenomena of (medial) visualizing and perception of space. In the course of this process of de- and reconstruction, Nimmerfall works with image strategies of Hollywood’s cinema and with elements in the style of computer games; she uses the translation mode of cinematic aesthetics, the recognition value of medially transported spatial
descriptions and the linked expectations of the audience, in order to transform the space and transfer it to a new context. Finally, this analysis of descriptions of location and space in
Hollywood productions leads Nimmerfall to her current “virtualized” project DOUBLE LOCATION (THE AMBASSADOR HOTEL), which refers to the legendary, recently destroyed Ambassador hotel in Los Angeles.



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Karina Nimmerfall, Double Location (The Ambassador Hotel), 2007. Video. Edition Medienturm