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  [EXIT. Christopher Musgrave / Xopher Davidson]

Video: Christopher Musgrave
Audio: Xopher Davidson

Limited edition,
signed by the artist
34 + 7 exemplars

Price on request

Kunstverein Medienturm

Edition text:
Walter Seidel
EXIT exudes a visual reverence and calm presence that too often eludes digital-media artists in their frantic rush to exploit the onslaught of fleeting technologies. Using the digital process as a filmmaker would an optical printer, Christopher Musgrave’s remarkably organic approach retains the integrity of the image in spite of EXIT’s visibly fractured and elusive space, and plumbs its depths where most can only isolate the surface. Reminiscent of the “pure realms of phenomena” present in American experimental filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky’s films, EXIT’s images pulse kaleidoscopic in lyrical abstraction amidst a shadowy gauze, as decadent golds, vivid fuchsias, and brilliant blues mutate into luscious purples, florid greens, and shimmering coral. By engaging with these “ephemeral peripheries” that flicker in the ebb and flow off sculpted light, Musgrave captures a prismatic view of a world implied, and much like Plato’s “allegory of the cave” to which the piece’s title alludes, he then sends us into the light. Xopher Davidson’s mystical electronic drone serves to set the pace with its sonic stained-glass filter, reaching an aural epiphany amidst an explosion of color. Like a flash in the night…

Christine Metropoulos