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  [The Fan. N.I.C.J.O.B.]

Video: N.I.C.J.O.B.
Audio: Hüseyin Evirgen

Limited edition,
signed by the artist
18 + 2 exemplars

Price on request

Kunstverein Medienturm

Edition text:
Christian Egger

In his current work THE FAN Nicolas Jasmin alias
N.I.C.J.O.B. (Toulouse/Vienna) analyses the
shifts of high culture and popular culture, which
he traces by means of the – seemingly opposed
– styles Baroque and Hip-Hop. In a hall-like baroque
room which resembles the Vienna-based presentation venue Ovalhalle, an organist (Sean
Connery) ardently plays a well-known melody
(Missy Elliott). The immersive sounds of the
organ show to advantage within the spacious,
overloaded sound box, having an overwhelming
effect: the music, a cover version by Hüseyin
Evirgen (Istanbul/Vienna) charges the space as
well as the musician. By means of transferring
the plot to a baroque environment, N.I.C.J.O.B.’s
THE FAN succeeds in creating a splendid effect
of alienation which puts to test the notions of
authenticity and historicity.