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  [Weitere 1127 Tage ohne erotischen Blickkontakt. Markus Huemer]

Video: Markus Huemer
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Limited edition,
signed by the artist
18 + 2 exemplars

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Kunstverein Medienturm

Edition text:
Sandro Droschl

In his longtime discussion of questions around the (medialized) conditions of art, Markus Huemer(Berlin) develops an important position, which in his video WEITERE 1127 TAGE OHNE EROTISCHEN BLICKKONTAKT (“Another 1127 Days without Erotic Eye Contact“) results in a pointed formulation. This analysis refers to an icon of abstract painting, namely Jackson Pollock, whose approaches are questioned and further developed by means of different techniques – in the light of a projector, chickens continuously “are painting” an “action painting” – to finally receive again painted images in idealized reduced settings. Here, a decided discussion of the respective surrounding space becomes relevant. Huemer actively picks up
questions of the auratized “white cube”, in order to oppose the “black box” as a media-historical response.