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Video: reMI
Audio: reMI

Limited edition,
signed by the artist
18 + 2 exemplars

300 Euro incl. 10% VAT
Kunstverein Medienturm

Edition text:
Harald A. Wiltsche
The meanwhile split up formation reMI (Graz/Berlin/Utrecht) worked on an insistent interpretation of the digital, of which the disturbing sensual image and sound outputs are entangled in a synaesthetic way. reMI uses a procedure, based on a division of labour: initially coming from painting, Michael Pinter designs sound as scale-like structured composition which reacts on Renate Oblak’s video signal. Pinter willingly allocates the sounds to several sound sources, these plural sound levels trigger a high spatial density, which foremost is takes effect in installative environments and live acts. Oblak reworks decoded video signals, which she extracts from manipulated video cards, thus from the used technical basic material. These shredded video signals traverse several generative transformation stages, to finally result in astoundingly perfect concepts of image lines, showing high serial forcefulness. A matrix of flickering colour fields passes over the screen in a shifted mode, in order to concentrate to isolated image spaces of high intensity, evoking expressive interpretations of abstract positions of Mark Rothko or Barnett Newman.