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  [HOLLYWOOD IST EIN VERB. Isabell Heimerdinger / Karina Nimmerfall]

Kunstverein Medienturm
Josefigasse 1, 8020 Graz

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Opening: July 11, 7 p.m.
The exhibition project of the Berlin-based artists Isabell Heimerdinger and Karina Nimmerfall topicalizes the phenomena of fictional reality, their different artistic approaches trying to describe the exchangeability of realities and their (medial) construction. In her current works, Isabell Heimerdinger foremost makes visible the border between the different forms of expression of reality, focusing here, in cooperation with actors, on “taking the place” – on interchangeable identities. Karina Nimmerfall’s walkable space installations analyze film- and television productions in view of particular usage patters of site- and space descriptions, which replace the “real” space by its medial construction.

The discussion of cinema and its conditions of production are in the center of Isabell Heimerdinger’s work. In experimental films like “I was Andy Warhol’s Dracula”, “Alice” (both 2000), “Waiting, Acting Waiting” (2002) or “LOVEFILM” (2004) when Heimerdinger worked with Udo Kier, Rüdiger Vogler, Wolfram Berger or Bibiana Beglau, she sounds the border area between acted and unacted reality. “Detour” ties on this series, however, demonstrating, at the same time, the extended cinematographic and narrative potential of the artist. Summer in the Provence. A young woman is hitchhiking southward. She gets into the car of a man coming from the region. The woman’s whole attention is directed towards the beauty of the passing nature. The driver proposes a detour over the Mont Sainte Victoire. He wanted to show her the place where Cézanne had painted. And while the young hitchhiker dreams of Cézannes world, the man loses himself in her youth.

Karina Nimmerfall starts from the mediatised depiction and perception of space and refers to certain architectural models and their targeted usage in the entertainment industry; for the exhibition spaces of Kunstverein Medienturm she develops a walkable multi-part space-video system, which shifts the spatial and medial perception levels and generates a new space/time situation. Starting point is the legendary Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles which was built in 1921 and pulled down in 2006. This hotel is not only is linked to the history of the “Golden Age” in Hollywood (starting 1930, it hosted the first Academy Awards) and to a political era (in 1968, Robert Kennedy was assassinated in the kitchen of the hotel), but after the hotel was shut down in 1989, it was exclusively used as movie set for film productions. With over one hundred productions per year, it ranged among the most widely used movie sets in Los Angeles. The project “Double Location“ (The Ambassador Hotel) uses this phenomenon as starting point in order to “reconstruct“ the famous hotel lobby which was used as backdrop for numerous film- and television productions. This “reconstruction” (of a photo realistic computer generated 3D animation) shall not be an “objective”, architectonic space model on the basis of documentary material, but a virtual space which is grounded on “collective memories” and medially transported descriptions of space. The virtual space in the video is generated from a composition of medial information and plays with the phenomenon of a multiple film set, a space that, through its uncountable cinematic usage, reacts upon the perception of the “real space“ of the hotel, and thus on our perception of reality.

Isabell Heimerdinger, Karina Nimmerfall

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Isabell Heimerdinger, DETOUR, 2007. production still, 16mm film, colour, optical sound, 10 min. Galerie Mehdi Chouakri, Berlin