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  [DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. Electronic Culture in the Range of Technology & Society]

Kunsthaus Graz
am Landesmuseum Joanneum Lendkai 1, A-8020 Graz

CONCEPT: Harald A. Wiltsche
The media theorist Christian Höller has opened up, in the course of the series TECHNO-VISIONS, a discourse space which shall be rounded off retrospectively by the current symposium DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (“Electronic Culture in the Range of Technology, Society and History”). Höller brought up the question of visions, styles and structural conditions inside Techno culture on an aesthetical, social and technological level.
It is foremost the electronic culture which has proved within the field of art production that the boundaries between the academic environment and underground have become blurred. Of interest for our considerations is that field of cultural and artistic acting which uses electronic tools, knowing that also codes and structures which encode the production itself anew, are conveyed.
Although technology becomes “way of life”, it is also hacked, adapted, questioned and subversively used. If a large part of interaction in life happens through the medium of technology, the question raises, when it comes to the development of technological possibilities where the definitory power will lie.
Socially relevant aspects of electronic culture still are largely unexplored from a sociological point of view. The question for the reasons in this regard can be extended in the sense whether classes still had to be defined by means of production-based, and not more aptly by technological participation proportions. Finally, it is worth looking at the connections and cross references which only show to advantage on the slide of the past. However, also here it is not all about culture historical discourse; it is just the historical embedding of seemingly singular processes that can establish the horizon for a more comprehensive analysis of the electronic culture.

Harald A. Wiltsche

Jochen Bonz, Hans H. Diebner, Verena Kuni, André Ruschkowski, Achim Szepanski, Harald Andreas Wiltsche


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Harald Andreas Wiltsche, Days of Future Past, 2004. with Jochen Bonz, Achim Szepanski, Hans D. Diebner, Rene´ Ruschkowski, Verena Kuni, Kunsthaus Graz