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  [VEGAS. Annja Krautgasser [n:ja] / Martin Siewert]

Video: Annja Krautgasser [n:ja]
Audio: Martin Siewert

Limited edition,
signed by the artist
18 + 2 exemplars

Price on request

Kunstverein Medienturm
The Tyrolean media artist Annja Krautgasser aka [n:ja] has analysed urbanistic questions in the course of a residence in the USA. The illusionist architecture in Las Vegas - meaning animations involving chains of light and moving images which until today can be understood as medial extension of built architecture - is the starting point of the partly automated, partly interactive application VEGAS. Simple, direction-oriented motion processes are explored structurally, and rearranged in diverse motion sequences, the flowing motion cycles - corresponding to the character of a facade - being again put down to its two-dimensionality. The generative motion processes and short, repetitive light formations underline the medial relevance of perception, reception and illusion.
In the frame of the project series Medienturm SHOWS, Annja Krautgasser together with Martin Siewert will present the video VEGAS as performance in the Ovalhalle of quartier21. As a limited artistīs contribution the video will be released in the EDITION Medienturm.



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Annja Krautgasser, VEGAS, 2006. Video. Courtesy Edition Medienturm, Graz.