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Video: Pfaffenbichler/Schreiber
Audio: Bernhard Lang

Limited edition,
signed by the artist
18 + 2 exemplars

Price on request

Kunstverein Medienturm

Edition text:
Berno Odo Polzer

The work is based on the concept to create a video my means of a minimum of parameters. A regular, white grid on blue ground structures the screen. It moves at four different rates orthogonally to the left, to the right, up and down. All parameters of the audio-visual composition are based on the data of the display formats of digital video: 720 x 576. This data or its multiple or dividers define speed and length of the animation. The soundtrack, composed by Bernhard Lang, follows the same logic: the frequencies of a synthetically generated square sound are modulated on the basis of this data.

Since June 2004, the series Medienturm SHOWS runs on Sundays at the Ovalhalle of the Quartier 21 / MQ Wien. Experimental artists' videos which discuss the dynamic and manifold relation of image and sound in the field of contemporary media/art are shown. The openings feature audio-visual live acts and comprehensive statements of invited media theorists. Each work is published as artist's contribution in a limited edition.