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  [Moon Wiring Club]

alias Ian Hodgson
*Great Britain

Discography (selection)
2011 “Somewhere A Fox Is Getting Married”, LP (Gecophonic Audio Systems)
2010 “A Spare Tabby At The Cat's Wedding”, 2 versions, CD / LP (Gecophonic Audio Systems)
“A Field Full Of Sunken Horses”, 4x file, MP3, promo, EP, 160 (Wire Magazine)
“Ghost Box Study Series 01: Youth And Recreation”, with Belbury Poly, 7'' (Ghost Box)
2009 “Striped Paint For The Last Post”, CD (Gecophonic Audio Systems)
2008 “Shoes Off And Chairs Away”, CD (Gecophonic Audio Systems)
2007 “An Audience Of Art Deco Eyes”, CD (Gecophonic Audio Systems)
“I'm More Than A Memory Now”, CD (Gecophonic Audio Systems)

HAUNTINGS. Heimliche und unheimliche Präsenz in Medien Kunst und Pop