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  [Baron Mordant]

alias Ian Hicks
*1975 Portsmouth, lives in Great Britain

Recordings (selection)
2010 “MisinforMation (Central Office of Information +Mordant Music)”, DVD-V, PAL (British Film Institute, Mordant Music)
“Ghost Box Study Series 03: Welcome to Godalming”, with Belbury Poly and Mordant Music, 7'' (Ghost Box)
2009 “SyMptoMs”, CD (Mordant Music)
“The Hauntological Song”, 3 versions (Mordant Music)
2008 “Travelogues 2” - “Travelogues 4”, file, MP3, 320 (Mordant Music)
2007 “Carrion Squared”, CD (Mordant Music)
“Travelogues 1”, file, MP3, 320 (Mordant Music)
2006 “Dead Air”, CD (Mordant Music)
2005 “The Tower”, CD (Mordant Music)
2004 “Petri Dish”, CD, mini, (Mordant Music)
2003 “Dark Side of the Autobahn”, 7'', pic (Mordant Music)

HAUNTINGS. Heimliche und unheimliche Präsenz in Medien Kunst und Pop