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  [Ana Husman]

*1977 Zagreb, lives in Zagreb

2002 Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb

Solo shows (selection)
2007 ”According to etiquette“, Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica
”Muštre“, Gallery 01, Zagreb
2006 ”Exchange or - what we did not know about amateurism“, Gallery MK, Zagreb
2005 ”Icons share their wisdom“, Artenativa, Zagreb
2004 ”C8H11N“, Gallery Vladimir Nazor, Zagreb
”City on the hill“, Foto Gallery KIC, Zagreb

Group shows (selection)
2008 ”lucy” bodig & ART ON STAGE“, URA, Istanbul
2007 ”Locating indentity: Young Croatian Video Artist“, Gallery MC, New York
”Dubrava art life“, Gallery Vladimir Filakovac, Zagreb
”The Art Happens Here, Art radionica Lazareti”, Gallery Otok, Dubrovnik
”Woman @ crossroad of ideologies“, HULU Split
”Performing the Space II“, Drustvo athitekata Zagreb
2006 ”28th Salon of Young artists“, HDLU, Zagreb
”Turn On, Turn In, Drop Out“, 12th International festival of Computer Arts, Maribor
”It's a Playtime!”, Gallery of Contemporary Art Celje
”TECHNE 06“, International platform on digital performance, Istanbul
2005 ”Das haus“, Der Laden, Berlin
”XXII Biennal of Young Artists”, Neapel

SCHON WIEDER UND NOCHMAL?. – Handlungsspielräume


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Ana Husman, Lunch, 2008. Betacam SP, 17'. View: Kunstverein Medienturm, 2011. Photo: Johanna Glösl