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  [Axel Stockburger]

*1974, Munich
lives in London and Vienna

Shows/ Screenings

2009 "AFTER THE END / FAUX RACCORDS", Edificio de Tabacalera, Madrid
"Austrian Art videos", ritesinstitute ,CCA Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
"Präsentation: Video Edition Austria / Release 02", 39 DADA", Wien; MASC FOUNDATION, Vienna; Medienwerkstatt, Vienna; MAK, Vienna
2008 "Games", Kunsthalle Project Space, Vienna
"Homo Ludens Ludens“, Laboral Centre for Art & Creative Industries, Gijon
"Real Life“, Portman Gallery, London
"Abstracts of Syn", arge Kunst, Galleria Museo, Bolzano
2007 "Zero Gamer", HTTP Gallery, London
"Play Safe-Battlefields in the Playground", Project Art Center, Dublin
"Fresh Trips",, Innsbuck
"Driven", Starkwhite Gallery, London
"Rencontres Internationales", Film Festival, Madrid
"Video as urban Condition", Lentos Museum
"Videoabend", ILSA Projection, Motorenhalle, Dresden
2006 "Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin", Film Festival, Paris
"Facts and Fiction", RCM Museum, Nanjing
„Grounded", E:vent Gallery, London
2005 "What Sound Does a Color Make?", iCI, New York (mit D-Fuse)
"Lebt und arbeitet in Wien", Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna
"Play it Again", Galerie 5020, Salzburg
"Now's the time", Kunsthaus Graz
"Save the Day", Galerie Kunstbüro, Wien (curator)
"Shanghai Surprise“, Lothringer13, Städtische Kunsthalle München, Munich (with D-Fuse)
2004 Performance, D-Fuse vs. SiCut DB, Machina, Moscow
"Austrian Video Selection", Belef, Belgrade
"Light Turned Down", Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
"Video as Urban Condition", POOL, Austrian Cultural Forum, London
"Brilliant City", Film Production, Shanghai
2003 "25hours", The Video Art Foundation, Barcelona
D-Fuse "D-Tonate DVD" published by NowonDVD Japan
"D-Tonate", onedotzero festival, ICA, London
"K-Remix", Fibla and D-Fuse, Sal de los Flores, Barcelona
"Abstraction Now", Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna
2002 Scanner and D-Fuse, Jam Tokyo-London, British Council Japan, Tokyo
"Wire-D-Fuse", Saatchi Gallery, Tokyo
onedotzero festival, ICA, London
Production of DVD’s "D-FUSE vs. NONPLACE", and "D-Fuse Retrospective -GASBOOK"
2001 "Media Connection", Pallazzo del Èsposizione, Rome, Triennale di Milano, Milan
"Life goes on", IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna
"Most Wanted", Secession, Vienna
Filmfestival Diagonale, Graz
2000 "D-Fuse Art Space", WIRE-Magazine, London
"PDA-PGP-PSX", Galerie ARC, Vienna
"we accept", Kiasma, Electronic Media Festival, Helsinki
"world", Bruxelles
1999 "Austrian Abstracts", Diagonale, Graz
"Among Others 3", Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna
"Synworld / playworld: hyperspace", Museumsquartier, Vienna
"PSX-Stations", Art Music & Environment, Vienna
"minimal 1", Kunstbüro, Vienna
"Copy & Paste / Drag&Drop", Projectspace Kunstraum Innsbruck
"Artforum Berlin", Berlin
"Hotel Utopia", Film and Videofestival, Vienna
"Homestories", Filmcasino, Vienna

talk talk. Das Interview als künstlerische Praxis


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Axel Stockburger, abstraction, 2008. video, 5.00 min. . Courtesy Edition Medienturm, Graz