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  [Christopher Musgrave]

*1969, USA
lives in San Francisco, artist

Solo shows

2005 "Kunst Zicht", University of Gent
2004 Warm Logic, Grusenmeyer Art Gallery, Deurle
2002 "Interstice", University of Georgia, New Media Institute and Synergy Center, Athens
2001 "nterstice", 3 Walls Gallery, San Antonio; 7HZ, San Francisco
1997 "Tower", The Project Room, San Antonio

Group shows

2004 "Is the Medium still the Message?", HISK, Antwerp
"Anatomy of the Now", Amsterdam
"RUSH", Oudenaarde
"The Big Nothing", ICA, Philadelphia
"Eclipse", Willebroek
2003 "ENERGY", Folkwang Museum, Essen
"Firefly", Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy
"HOT", Tour and Taxis, Brussels
"Abstraction Now", Künstlerhaus, Vienna
2002 "Transcinema ‚02", San Jose Museum of Modern Art, San Jose; The Lab, San Francisco
"Creacion en Movimiento", Jovenes Creadores, Mexico City
"Elements of the Temporary", Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco

ABSTRACTS OF SYN (II). Edition Medienturm
ABSTRACTS OF SYN (I). Edition Medienturm
EXIT. Christopher Musgrave / Xopher Davidson
ABSTRACTS OF SYN (III). Edition Medienturm

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Christopher Musgrave, Rudolph, 2006. installation.