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Pedro Tudela, Miguel Carvalhais, live in Porto Tudela is artist and musician, teaches at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto (FBAUP); Carvalhais is designer and musician, teaches at the Design Department of FBAUP, run the media label "Cronica Electronica"


2006 "Study", Grain of Sound
"PE ep", Alg–a
"42/44", Silence Is Not Empty
2005 "Folio, Re-compiled
Compositions 2003 & 4", Fuga Discos
"48", Ristretto
2004 "V3", Cronica Electronica
"Product", & Marc Behrens /
Paulo Raposo, Cronica Electronica
2003 "Hard Disk", Cronica Electronica
2001 "+", Variz

ABSTRACTS OF SYN (II). Edition Medienturm
ABSTRACTS OF SYN (I). Edition Medienturm
INT.5_27/G.S.I.L.XXX. Lia / @C / Billy Roisz
ABSTRACTS OF SYN (III). Edition Medienturm