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  [Frank Bretschneider]

aka Komet
*1956, Obercrinitz, Germany
lives in Berlin, composer

1996 co-founder of the label rastermusic

Discography (selection)

2005 "Status", m. Ralph Steinbrüchel, 12k
2004 "Looping I - VI", 12k
Komet, "Arc", Fällt
2003 "Party Of Two Parts", Underscan
Komet, "Gold", raster-noton
2002 "Aerial Riverseries", Underscan
2001 "Curve", Mille Plateaux
2000 Komet, "Rausch", 12k
1999 Komet, "20' To 2000 - Januar", raster-noton
1997 Komet, "Flex", Rastermusic
1996 Komet, "Saat", Rastermusic

TIMERASTER. Olaf Bender / Frank Bretschneider / Carsten Nicolai