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*Caracas, Venezuela
lives in San Diego, USA, musician


2005 "Resilience", Tigerbeat6
2004 "Who Still Kill Sound?", Tigerbeat6
2003 "Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You", Ipecac
2002 "The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You the Fucking Jams" Tigerbeat6/Violent Turd
2001 "GQ on the EQ++", Tigerbeat6
"P.S. You Love Me", Mille Plateaux
2000 "P.S. I Love You", Mille Plateaux
"Down with the Scene", Ipecac Recordings
1999 "Don't Sweat the Technics", Vinyl Communications

SOUND-SCAPE VS LAPTOP-PUNK. Kim Cascone / Tigerbeat6