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  [THE FALSE STORY. Media Scenographic Arrangement]

Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

REALISATION: Orhan Kipcak, Karin Heide, Michael Posch, Gudrun Jöller, Herbert Weichart
ACTORS: Tessa Gasser, Helmut Eberhart

DIE FALSCHE GESCHICHTE (“The False Story. Media Scenographic Arrangement”) deals with the myth of Oedipus but departs from Sophocles’ original ending: Jocasta, the queen of Thebes, wife of her own son and mother of his children refuses to commit the required suicide. The classic gods who demand her death are today’s media. We have created them – and now they form us – or they abolish us. The woman makes a stand against it and wants to claim her life. She antagonizes the weight of the myth and the power of the images which cannibal-like devour everything: I am. I was. I will be. The plot of the tragedy evolves from entangling a woman’s monologue with the complex multimedia staging as well as from the involvement of the audience: the media-gods devour everybody and everything, what remains is memory and image.

Max Gad

Max Gad, Orhan Kipcak

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Max Gad, The false story, 2003.