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Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

NORM is one of the most interesting projects in the Swiss graphic design scene. The unique design of NORM is well elaborated and speaks its own experimental language. Despite their deliberately iconoclastic approach, NORM’s work is characterised by a highly skilled use of typography and print as well as a playful approach to technology.

The exhibited object SIGN-GENERATOR is a tool and also an installation, that allows to calculate and generate all possible combinations of a number of lines. The lines are defined on a 9 point grid. The object was developed for the book “Norm: The Things”, after a critique on the Latin script; NORM uses this tool to see if there are (and how many) alternatives to the existing signs. The disposition of the grid allows to use (at least once) each sign of the existing alphabet; at the same time, the SIGN-GENERATOR would generate all the other signs that were not considered in the “conception” of the Latin script: some of them with a big “letter-potential” some of them (of course) are much to complex. The SIGN-GENERATOR allows you to print these signs and to export them as an EPS file.


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NORM, Sign-Generator, 2003. Installation. view Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz 2003