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  [SLIDE PIECES. Phill Niblock]

Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

CONCEPT: Christian Scheib
The guru of electronic sound dimensions, over seventy year old Phill Niblock, presents new works involving sound and image. During the opening of musikprotokoll, Niblock (sampler, visuals) with Seth Josel (guitar) and Martin Zrost (saxophone, guitar) plays a concert of the pieces “Guitar Too, For Four” (1996) and “Ten Auras Live” (1992), which mainly works with two basic stylistics: an enormous volume which comes along with a gradual, almost imperceptible change of musical patterns. The ostensible repetition of the patterns makes the audience dive into Niblock’s floating sound worlds, the physically experiencable loudness, at the same time, prevents an escape from the embrace of the sound. In a vacant vegetable hall at the area of the former slaughter house, Niblock presents the computer installation SLIDE PIECES, which discusses his expanded sound layers additionally on a visual level. The enormous slowdown of sequences triggers a centring of perception. The immediacy of the images confronts the audience with the forcefulness of Niblock’s formal language.
Finally, Niblock conceives a live feature for KUNSTRADIO Wien on the radio frequency of Ö1; on this occasion, the composition “Ghosts Radio for Graz” is premiered.

Christian Scheib

Phill Niblock


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Phill Niblock, Live-Act, 2003.