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At the area of the former slaughter house, students associated with the Institute of Contemporary Arts (Technical University of Graz) present a drive-in cinema and some object-like, temporary architectures, of which the thematic frame BEWEGUNG IM RUHEZUSTAND (“Motion in the State of Standstill”) refers to the fusion of film, video, sound, space and communication. Today, we are asked to be present in an unprecedented speed. Through the speed of the data flow, distances blur and let us seem to be neighbours in a global village. Do human relations dissolve with mechanisation or does a new space evolve with physical standstill, which does not conform to physical movement? To what extent are spaces and architectures changed by movement? Is movement dependent on speed or on the continuity of proceeding time? One form of film presentation that is endangered – the drive-in cinema – opens this cinema series. In the frame of the multimedia development, a private, isolated consumerism is propagated. At the same time, however, new aspects on conceiving public and collaborative events open up, which result in bonding and thus offer an alternative to the trend towards isolation. The drive-in cinema is an interesting blend of public and private space. The separation of image and sound, the latter receiveable via car-radio, reinforces the understanding of the medium of film and its possibilities.