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  [COORD(). Annja Krautgasser [n:ja]]

Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

Annja Krautgasser confidently makes use of the manifold capabilities of digital technology and artistically attends to the issues of space and time under the conditions of the digital. On display is, beside videos and prints, the central installation “IPIII”, which was created in cooperation with Michael Aschauer, Sepp Deinhofer and Rainer Mandl. The basic idea behind the net installation is the creation of a space that is “typical” for the Internet, which, however, does not refer in the conventional way to geographical information of online users, but instead is derived directly from the code of IP numbers that are specific for the Internet. By translating the binary code of the IP addresses to spatial coordinates, a space-defining structure is generated that corresponds to a language, inherent to the space of the Internet. By using the online users as spatial coordinates, the generated space is modified in real time through the behaviour of its users.

Marc Ries points at the modified cartographic procedure, used by the educated media architect: “A high degree of innovation has to be attributed to the work ‘IP-III’, as it realizes – on the basis of a well-founded theoretical inquiry into the spatial qualities of the Internet – a concise visualization of user presence on the net from a ‘geo-aesthetic’ view. Her re-mapping of the Internet offers a deeper insight into the dynamics of access
to the net.”

Annja Krautgasser

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Annja Krautgasser, IP-III, 2003.