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  [OZONE. Derek Holzer / Bas van Koolwijk]

Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

OZONE is an immersive, electromagnetic environment created by “AIR04. Artist in Residence” Bas van Koolwijk and Derek Holzer. Four video monitors display an ever-changing array of video signal interferences. The electromagnetic waves, created by the monitors are captured by a series of specially-constructed antennae, and then translated into sound, which is played-back over a 5.1 channel loudspeaker system. The sound continues to produce new video signal interferences, triggering a chain reaction. Due to the characteristics of radio waves, each person or object in the room influences the relationship between sound and image, what makes the installation very interactive. In order to round off the installation, the artists have invited ORF’s Kunstradio and the Latvian, to compile a series of works, embraced by the title “Radio[active] Art”, which circles around the topic of “radiophonic sound art” (inter alia Robert Adrian X, Norbert Math “Radiation”, Richard Kriesche “Artsat”, Konrad Becker “Weltempfaenger”, Thilges3 “antiterrorparadox”, Rixc “RT-32”). These works reflect an approach beyond the usage of radio waves in the sense of mass communication. Radio waves are understood and used as comprehensible signals and as basic material of artistic intervention. Furthermore Derek Holzer and Bas van Koolwijk conceive a live feature for KUNSTRADIO on the frequency of Ö1. In the frame of the exhibition opening, Christine Frisinghelli introduces the temporary cooperation with the art magazine Camera Austria: texts on the works that were produced in Graz by the “AIR. Artist in Residence” of Kunstverein Medienturm are published in a special series.

Derek Holzer, Bas van Koolwijk

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Derek Holzer / Bas Van Koolwijk, OZONE, 2003.