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ppc - lounge
Neubaugasse 6, A-8020 Graz

CONCEPT: Christian Höller, Harald A. Wiltsche
An ominous pureness seems to have a formative influence on a good portion of the electronic culture: visible in image surfaces, information design or – related to music – in sound productions, almost throughout all fields, a certain tendency towards a slickness, neatness and refinement has gained acceptance. Even within the more advanced parts of the minimal oriented or abstract Electronica, at best microscopic interferences seem to infiltrate the formal strictness of the sounds. Qualities such as immediacy, coarseness and crudeness in sound appear, if at all, mostly as digitally constructed effects within the synthetic sound design of the present. This is reason enough to question this tendency towards pureness and transparency and to examine anew the status of characteristics, formerly encoded as progressive such as wildness and suddenness, in short the element of “noise” in contemporary music. The question remains, which status this new roughness has in connection with an always finer woven digital production, which blueprints of future music formations could already be embraced therein or are recognizable from today’s point of view. Finally, the question arises if not perhaps the electronic music as a whole heads for its very own Punk rebellion. The music by Institut für Feinmotorik (I.F.F.) is mechanical and imitates structures and aesthetic codes of electronic music. Used is the DJ setup without records, to create an aesthetic approach of a rhythmic music that stagnates in its pattern. The band Radian postulates a range between electronic and non-electronic instruments. This principle entails a self-defined microcosmos, wherein minimal deviations and modulations that occur within the pattern of sound quality and rhythm determine the actual musical dynamics.

Christian Höller, Harald A. Wiltsche

Christian Höller, Institut für Feinmotorik, Dariusz Kowalski, Christian Scheib, Alexis Waltz