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  [RAW DIGITS. Performances]

ppc - lounge
Neubaugasse 6, A-8020 Graz

The music by Institut für Feinmotorik (I.F.F.) appears mainly in the context of electronic music, even though it is very mechanical and imitates, if at all, structures and aesthetic codes of digital or electronic music. Used is an important instrument of the electronic (dance) music, namely the DJ setup without records, to create an aesthetic approach of a rhythmic music that stagnates in its pattern. Contrary to many other methods of generating contemporary electronic music, not one single piece of music by I.F.F. can be copied. For this reason every I.F.F. show is a unique event, still triggering a typical aesthetic recognition effect, which arises from I.F.F's radical, puristic attitude.

The band Radian postulates a range between electronic and non-electronic instruments. This principle entails a self-defined microcosmos, wherein minimal deviations and modulations that occur within the pattern of sound quality and rhythm determine the actual musical dynamics. The individual levels, an accumulation of various rough surfaces, are merged to one sound+noise+texture.

Harald A. Wiltsche

Institut für Feinmotorik, Radian

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Radian, Raw Digits, 2003. Live-Act.