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  [YUV. Non-figurative Electronica]

Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

CONCEPT: Antje Weitzel, Mirjam Wenzel
The abbreviation YUV denotes the light and colour value of a video image and describes its structure. The concept videos that are presented under this label, undertake a comparable destruction: they reduce the visual arsenal to sound controlled arrangements of colour surfaces and lines, and underline the non-figurative character of electronic music. Contrary to music videos, where the performance is added pictorially by bands and celebrities, the presented videos appear foremost as visualization of a conceptual text; a text which talks about cityscapes, audio-visual interferences with reception, geometric colour compositions and digital codes, continuously restructuring itself following the rhythm of the cut and the beats. The videos, fed by this text, describe a field generated in an analogue and digital way; a field which unfolds between the avantgarde trick film of the 1920s and the current VJ culture, thus offering a visual archaeology of electronic music.

Antje Weitzel, Mirjam Wenzel

HC Gilje, Sebastian Oschatz, Mirjam Wenzel


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HC Gilje, H.K. MARK1, 1998. video