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  [PD/GEM WORKLAB. OpenSource Multimediatools]

ESC im Labor
Jakoministraße 16, A-8010 Graz

The modular OpenSource software PD enables artists to create work environments for all fields of digital image- and sound art. In the frame of a workshop, basics as well as advanced programmer’s skills are taught. Hereby the working on special projects like "artists in residence" Bas van Koolwijk´s and Derek Holzer´s multimedia installation OZONE is central from the beginning on. At the end of the workshop stands a live performance of all participating artists, also organized by artist Michael Pinter.

Derek Holzer, Michael Pinter, Winfried Ritsch, Bas van Koolwijk, Harald Andreas Wiltsche

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Derek Holzer / Bas Van Koolwijk, OZONE, 2003.