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  [HOW TO LOCAL HERO?. becoming histories of urban activities]

Kunstverein Medienturm
Josefigasse 1, 8020 Graz

15.30h talk
18.30h Podium

Lokal Heroes 8020
Verein für Kreative Stadt Entwicklung

Lendwirbel 2011
David Bowie acts as Edward Norton, Rocko Schamoni and Dr. Motte. No matter whether Highline Park New York, Hamburg or Megaspree Berlin, well known personalities get together with urban activists whose local motivation gains global power by their supporters and becomes a trans-regional issue. Today the impulse of local actions is central in the commitment to urbanism, due to or just because of global networking. The symposium HOW TO LOCAL HERO? at Kunstverein Medienturm on May 6, brings up questions regarding the development of urban individual initiatives. Explicitly, the issue of the future is of interest: what happens if the creative local action is determined, globalised or mediatised from the outside? What will finally happen – the export to other cities, a withdrawal or a relocation of the creative pioneers, a sort of neo-urban migration?

Ula Schneider, Initiatorin von SOHO/ Vienna
Philippe Schmidt, Urbanist/ Weimar
Christoph Twickel, Journalist/ Hamburg
Erol Yildiz, Soziologe/ Klagenfurt + Cologne
Christoph Laimer, Stadtforscher, derive/ Vienna


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HOW TO LOKAL HERO? (), wurst stand at night, 2011.