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Koje Medienturm, quartier21/MQ
Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien

Opening: 22.01.2009, 7p.m.

daily 10a.m.-7p.m.
Klaus Schuster (*1964, Voitsberg, Austria, lives in Vienna) shows the installation CLEAN HANDS AND DIRTY HANDS at the Viennese project space Koje Medienturm (quartier21/MuseumsQuarter Vienna). The installation refers to his homonymous show at the Graz-based Kunstverein Medienturm.
The title opens up a wide spectrum of meaning. At first, the reference to the discourse of the political seems to be in the foreground. Dirty hands stand for a sort of finger painting which lets the bodies casually wallow in paint and flanks the more delicate retouching with blatant body painting. “Dirty” is this growth, penetration and concrescence, since it breaks norms and rules: “Dirt is matter on the wrong place.“ The title can, however, also simply signify the hands of the artists, which are – depending on the chosen means – clean or dirty.

The exhibition is documented by an artist book in German and English, which is published by Folio (Bolzano/Vienna), and comprises rich color images with a text of the art historian Anselm Wagner.
For the “Edition Medienturm” Klaus Schuster creates with a poster and a video new limited artist’s donations.

Klaus Schuster

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Klaus Schuster, CLEAN HANDS AND DIRTY HANDS, 2009. Exhibition view, Koje Medienturm, Vienna.