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  [ABSTRACTS OF SYN (I). Edition Medienturm]

Kunstverein Medienturm
Josefigasse 1, 8020 Graz

Finissage: 10.05.2007, 7p.m.
Tue–Fri 2p.m.–6p.m., Sat 11a.m.–6p.m.

aktuelle kunst in graz /
contemporary art in graz
16.03.2007, 6p.m.–11p.m.
Catalogue presentation
17.03.2007, 11 a.m.
Since 2001, Kunstverein Medienturm has developed an international artist-in-residence-program (cooperation since 2004: quartier21/MQ Vienna), which along with the promotion of a younger generation of local artists has resulted in a continuous output in the field of video art. In most commissioned works an abstract visualisation meets delicately interwoven sound structures which concentrate to complex synaesthetic audio-visions. The video works that are presented in the two part exhibition (Graz/Vienna) ABSTRACTS OF SYN are distributed via the “Edition Medienturm“ which attends to the presentation and spreading of experimental video art on the basis of limited artists’ donations.

In addition, the current artist-in-residence Christopher Musgrave (*1969, San Francisco) presents some installative works. Musgrave is looking to capture “reality“. By deploying simple technology, the phenomena of the world are brought to the spectator as energy or vibrations. Whether with sculptural application of sound and light or audio and video, stimuli interact in symbiosis with the spectator and develop into an anti-iconic post-image in its own right in which both “the world“ and “the spectator“ are represented and even absorbed. The primary aim of this activity is to entrain spectators in order to have transformative experiences. This is the point in which a person experiences or perceives without filtering the experience through the interpretation of reductive concepts or intellectually closed observation. In this situation, the mental images and psychological projections of the participants themselves become the central matter of this exhibition.

Catalogue and artist´s donation available
Verlag Folio, Bolzano / Vienna, ISBN 978-3-85256-369-5

@C, Siegrun Appelt, Martin Brandlmayr, Tina Frank, G.R.A.M., Andrés Ramirez Gaviria, Karø Goldt, Florian Hecker, Markus Huemer, Dariusz Kowalski, Annja Krautgasser, Bernhard Lang, Jan Robert Leegte, Lia, Christopher Musgrave, N.I.C.J.O.B., Stefan Németh, Karina Nimmerfall, Dietmar Offenhuber, Pfaffenbichler/Schreiber, rashim, reMI, Martin Siewert, Gerold Tagwerker, tamtam, Marius Watz

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Christopher Musgrave, Rudolph, 2006. installation.