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  [ZGOMOBIL. Herwig Weiser]

Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

With a development period of one year, “AIR01. Artist in Residence” Herwig Weiser, this year’s award winner of the Düsseldorf-based “Nam June Paik Award”, presents the mobile control interface ZGOMOBIL, which is extendable for many exploration and control modes. The installation is based on an electromagnetic grid, which allows visual and sound patterns that are triggered by user-defined codes.
The media theorist and artist Axel Roch points at the semantic qualities of Weiser’s artistic approach by illustrating the prior work “zgodlocator”: “The work starts off the discourse on electronic media with an extended concept of writing. Writing is not switchable, being a series of zeroes and ones, ons and offs, but rather electronic writing is also a dramatic difference of real flows. In his ‘Grundfragen der allgemeinen Sprachwissenschaft’ (‘Course in general linguistics’), which became the foundation for structural analyses, Ferdinand de Saussure had not only seen the sign in terms of utility value and exchange value, but also – as he states in his introduction to linguistic value – as incisions into the real. In simplified terms: a coin not only has a face and reverse but is also minted, cast or cut. In exactly the same way electronic writing has a quality of cuts, a cult value. For the same reasons of writing theory, incidentally, one of the basic assumptions of the philosophy of difference as understood by Gilles Deleuze reads: ‘The logical causal relation cannot be severed from a physical process of signalling’. In other words, the logic of the computer as electronics only creates meaning by cutting into the real of flows. The computer is a semiotic machine based upon a physical signal.”


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Herwig Weiser, zgomobil, 2002. installation.