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  [MOVE OVER. City Furniture Logo 2003]

Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

MOVE OVER (“City Furniture Logo 2003”) is instant urban development, for a moment of the urban routine, something unusual replaces the habitual. Various places become stages for performances, thus are differently perceived. A logo, as symbol for a certain idea experiences a true-to-scale transformation, being “mapped” on a section of the city. What results are fragments that emerge at corresponding places which begin to
show in the city space. The different potentials which are immanent in the different places offer manifold possibilities to act within the fragments.

In the concrete case, this strategy results in a project series, that is presented in a talk with Orhan Kipcak, toying with the logo of “Graz 2003 – Kulturhauptstadt Europas” (“Graz 2003 – Cultural Capital of Europe”) that meanwhile has taken effect in the media, thus promoting this great event already in the forefront. Contents are presented and providently pointed at. Fragments of the Logo 2003 reappear at different places in the city and establish a (symbolic) stage for the broad field of current ideas.

Alois Gstöttner, Karin Hubmer, Burkhard Schelischansky

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Alois Gstöttner, MOVE OVER, 2003. presentation. Karin Hubmer, Burkhard Schelischansky