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  [SNOW. Christof Kurzmann / Burhkard Stangl]

Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

“I love plainness in colour, monotony, snow is rather a monotonous tune. Why should colour not give an impression of singing? White is like a murmur, a whisper, a prayer.“ (Robert Walser)

SCHNEE (“Snow”) is not about freezing, it is about snow. Therefore anything “liquid“ is gone, and has been transferred into a malleable body – its grainy patterns and particles are what Christof Kurzmann (G4) creates, circular asymmetrical patterns within. Burkhard Stangl‘s guitar is brittle, dissolving like icicle drops. This record‘s beauty is in the critical fact that it explores the differences in com puter generated and acoustic music, unlike a forced marriage or a systematic clash. Strikingly, it fi nds its entry at the extremity of fundamental difference between the worlds of the two instruments. It is not reductionist – in that it does not lack matter to its dialogue. Simply these two artists are so assured and comfortable within the language that it leads to saying less.

Dean Roberts

Christof Kurzmann, Burkhard Stangl


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Burkhard Stangl, SCHNEE, 2000. Live-Act.