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  [VISTA POINT. Perspectives in Styrian Art]

Kunstverein Medienturm
Josefigasse 1, 8020 Graz

CONCEPT: Sandro Droschl
The exhibition VISTA POINT presents upcoming positions on contemporary art from the Austrian region of Styria. A complex image of a young art generation under the age of 30 evolves, of which the individual participants develop precise and fresh work strategies by subtly handling an environment of various media. The exhibition mainly shows new artworks. The artists chose material and means in a diverse and inventive manner: all pictural disciplines such as painting, graphics and sculpture up to photography, video and film are used; different ideas of material are processed to mixed-media installations being effortlessly challenged at the same time. The main interest is not to discuss a material or focus on a central artistic concept, but rather the analysis of different materials and concepts with respect to their usability within a specific project. The interest in the development of a formal language remains visible: many works allow a broad contextual field of potentially linkable progressing lines, also some contemporary- and art historian cross references are made. It remains noticeable that all participating artists who grew up in Styria have mostly in young years selected Vienna or other cities to attend their education and meanwhile as centre of vital interests.
The reasons are manifold and can only partly be revised, since just young artists are extremely attracted by the vibrancy of centres of contemporary art. Still, the effort to establish anew and temporarily tie an internationally anchored, active art-scene in Graz has failed several times. It would be crucial to found a postgraduate academy or an academic institute for contemporary art and to substantially promote studios and initiatives, allowing to display unconventional, younger positions in regular intervals.
The art association Medienturm is concerned with this problem and has since its foundation in 2000 arranged numerous possibilities to face interesting, regional, young positions with established, international ones. The current exhibition VISTA POINT, for the first time, attempts to focus explicitly on young Styrian artists.

Anderwald + Grond, Eva Beierheimer, Barbara Casper, Christian Eisenberger, Manuel Gorkiewicz, Michael Gumhold, Daniel Hafner, Constantin Luser

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Michael Gumhold, o.T. (-273,15 Celsius : Rehearsal : Amplifier), 2001-2006. Various material. View Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz, 2006.