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Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

The video “Mysteries of Disco“, that is central to this evening, stands out by the aesthetic heterogeneity which generally marks Marko Lulics’ oeuvre. Composed of two very different, entwined sequences, it shows images of discotheques (sound: Pomassl), which the artist visited as a teenager in the 1980s – thus years after the “classic” disco era. On the other hand, the remake of a key scene from the film “W.R – Mysteries of the Organism” by Dusan Makavejev featuring Edita Malovcic – noted for Barbara Albert’s “Nordrand” – is presented.
Also shown is Dusan Makavejev’s feature film “W.R. – Mysterien des Organismus” (“W.R – Mysteries of the Organism”) (1971), which can be understood as complex work on Wilhelm Reich, his doctrine and the different interpretations of it in the sub-culture of the 1960s – and also as reflection on a general realizability of utopias. It thus does not surprise that just this film was reckoned cult movie among the communards of the 1970s. Wilhelm Reich was amongst others psychoanalyst, sexologist, communist and social critic. Reich’s Orgon theory deals also with the utilizability of sexual energy which can be made useful by means of a certain breathing technique, aiming at a dissolving of physical and psychological blockades. The Orgon case – wooden on the outside, inside, made of steel – demonstrably serves to increase the physiological energy level. A thereby triggered speedup of healing processes, including also severe illnesses, remains, until today, a disputed claim made by Reich.

Subsequent to an artist’s talk with Martin Prinzhorn, Pomassl revives the DISCO WILHELM REICH in a disco-like setting that is conceived by Lulic for this purpose.

Marko Lulic, Franz Pomassl

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Marko Lulic, , 2000.