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  [OVALPROCESS. Markus Popp]

Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

With his OVALPROCESS terminal, Markus Popp presents a sound object which offers a new sound repertoire as software. For him, state of the art and the work with the latest media means to overcome cultural traditions of music, to develop completely new possibilities, following the criteria that are, for example, applied in the field of design. He is interested in the production of sound files which exchange audio contents between programs. By means of a graphic interface, OVALPROCESS sound files become available and mergeable elements. By making the users the audience, he wants to pave the way for a new kind of music which “gives the music back to people”. Popp questions the existing concept of music. Popp describes the project: “OVALPROCESS is an interactive authorial environment for contemporary ‘personal desktop audio’ with a direct, manipulative, totally iconic and easily accessible user interface. The intuitive handling makes possible a comprehensive control and a detailed access to a great range of samples from the ‘Oval soundfile archive’, covering different work phases over the last years. OVALPROCESS always works in real time, making possible a detailed restructuring of the sound files to provide each single loop with sound or structural effects, and to store finished tracks. OVALPROCESS proposes a possible participation perspective, which shall be realized by an active user. The direction of the Oval model at interactive media design, extends OVALPROCESS towards a flexible ‘playback engine’ for uncontrolledly definable audio content. OVALPROCESS is also envisioned as ‘software engine’ for a sound installation, centring round the novel interface ‘process terminal’: a sound terminal (transparent Plexiglas container, LCD flat screen interface, control unit, track ball, Macintosh G4 Cube) is the front end of an interactive sound environment. Concepts and available ergonomics of the software make the OVALPROCESS terminal a front end of a flexible ‘Oval sound´engine’.”

Markus Popp

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Markus Popp, Ovalprocess: Skotoscape, 2001. installation.