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Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

The gaze breaks into the representation, into the temporal dimension of image build-up itself and searches for a visual form in the temporal in-between of the images. In this sense, the VISIONARY APPARATUS and ../VOYURE EN SURVOL installations experiment with a black rectangle as artistic culture that shows the image as an interruption of fluid codes by the viewer. The gaze does not only project data but also the codes of image build-up themselves. Not only passive structures but also active machines are the dynamic material of the gaze. Inspired by the dynamic game of surface, noise and form, the viewer invents different faces and sights in the mirror fastened to the floor. The image is not reflected as an identity, like a beam of light in the law of reflection since Euclid, but rather projects itself out of the gaze, like a beam of vision striking a rough surface. The perceived and to drawing translated gazes make the installation oscillate between subject and object, viewer and system. Each respective gazing manifests itself as experiment of the ephemeral.
Roch comments on the prior work VISIONARY APPARATUS: “The visionary apparatus, neither tool nor machine, returns the process of gazing to the individual observer as experimental and subjective projection. The audience experiences a dynamical, flowing picture memory in terms of time and intensity. The subject/object interface is an eye/gaze-tracking system that treats the viewer’s gazes as generative and selective, as subjective moments of seeing. The gaze meta-dynamically regulates the image not as a piece of data, but rather the conditions of the permanently regenerative image systems itself. The observer thus is not inside the image, but he beforehand respectively designs the process of gazing itself. The encountering of gaze and object, the movements of the eye as body of the observer find an imaginative and blueprint-like impression and expression in fluid codes. The algorithms of technical envisioning adapt the history of the observer dynamically in and through the process of gazing. Subjectivity appears as radical, cybernetic emergence.”

Axel Roch

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Axel Roch, visionary.apparatus, 2001. Installation. View Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz, 2001.