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  [ADIDAS:CIPLA. Tobias Rehberger]

Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

When Tobias Rehberger offers automatic book selling machines in the woods, wraps Japanese gardens in snow during summer time (Expo 2000), creates transparent
undergarments (Biennial 1997), changes roof-decks into bars (Skulptur Projekte Münster, “Sculpture Projects Münster”, 1997), or designs vegetable patchs (Manifesta 2, Luxembourg, 1977), he shifts, by means of minimal interventions, the practice of
seeing, makes the existing usable in a different way and extends the possibility of reception. In his works, the artist takes up strategies of the fields of production and distribution, he relies on intelligent forms of communication, reverses common customer situations, as for example in 1994, in the first exhibition at the Galerie & Edition Artelier, when he left the production of book shelves to the carpenter and his concept of form.
In the poster action “Graz / Frankfurt”, Tobias Rehberger makes unasked marketing for products which he himself regards as worthy to advertise them. The differently conceived and designed advertisement strategies break new grounds in a serious approach. The artist, for example, remodels the slogan “think different” and advertises pears for the company Apple. For Adidas – and good people, as we all know wear Adidas – Rehberger conceives an advertising campaign with Cipla, an Indian pharmaceutical business that produces Aidsgenerica for the Third World.

Tobias Rehberger

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Tobias Rehberger, Adidas: Cipla, 2001.