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  [MICRO SOUNDS. Farben, Monolake, Tonto]

Angergasse 41-45, A-8010 Graz

In line with the panel of the same name, the MICRO SOUNDS CLUBNIGHT shall cover the four fields of media design, media art, Minimal Techno and classic sound art concerning both image and sound. The clubnight is a symbiosis of these two aspects and offers insight into the relevant art forms.

For Robert Henke aka Monolake, the club in its function as acoustic space tends to result in an impairment of electronic potentials. From the viewpoint of Monolake, the predefinition of dancing/lounging appears as a configuration of the physical almost unsophisticated. There are no hurdles to enter immanences. Monolake opposes the punkish attitude of “rocking away architecture” that often recurs in Techno with a lot of architectures such as Ginza, Maccau, Gobi.

Jan Jelinek aka Farben feeds his sampler with jazz sequences of the 1960s, cuts them up to loops that last some seconds and shapes them, until a great, immersive arrangement evolves. Comparable to the moiré effect from painting, an artificial base range of noise, cracks and technoid sound develops – a continuously proceeding sound carpet, wherein nothing really happens, making it just that fascinating.

While following quite strict timelines, the Graz-based label and artists’ collective tonto deals with complex, minimalist micro-sounds. A three hour live act, embracing the disciplines of electronic music and video art results from this theoretically and artistically developed approach. Target of the organically growing label tonto is to make each active person a link towards new and for tonto relevant acts.

Harald A. Wiltsche

Jan Jelinek / Farben, MONOLAKE, Tonto

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Jan Jelinek / Farben, MICRO SOUNDS, 2002. Live-Act.