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  [DISPLAY. Degree-Show]

Kunstverein Medienturm
Josefigasse 1, 8020 Graz

DISPLAY understands itself as showcase for the projects by the alumni of the study course 2001 of information design at the FH Joanneum. The impact of the concept of information design which is approached gradually to find one's position and style may perhaps be explained as follows: information encounters us in manifold ways - and it wants to be represented. It strives for a form which in its expression satisfies the content, which is functional as legible and of aesthetic relevance - depending on the task a specific approach is in the foreground. However, the link between content and creation always remains intact.

Stefan Fauland, Tina Fleck, Sabine Grossbauer, Anais Horn, Markus Hornof, Jona Hoier, Michael Kara, Wolfgang Kolar, Margareta Liebmann, Alexander Nussbaumer, Karin Pichler, Priska Pieczara, Marijan Schedler, Christian Schrei, Philipp Seifried, Elvira Stein, Katrin Steindl, Patrick Sturm, Tihomir Tadic, Joachim Techt, Sigrid Thallinger, Michael Wagner, Simon Wendler


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Stefan Fauland, Video Polyphonie, 2006. videostill.