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Mehlplatz 2, A-8010 Graz

At the Ovalhalle of quartier21 / MQ Wien and in the frame of the film festival DIAGONALE, with the artists' duo reMi (Renate Oblak, Michael Pinter), the series Medienturm SHOWS which attends to current abstracts of synaesthetic image art receives its premiere.
reMI reworks decoded video signals, which they extract from manipulated video cards to concentrate these in a serial arrangement of rangy up to raw sounds to a sustainable composition. reMI chose a procedure that splits up their competences: Michael Pinter who originally comes from painting, designs the sound in the form of a broken composition which reacts with and upon the video signal by Renate Oblak.
The philosopher Harald A. Wiltsche addresses the continuously anew growing visual and auditory formations, of which the volatile successions are characteristic for reMI's video works: "Colours, forms, cuts, letter, rhythmical codes, ostentatious frequency jumps regarding the image. Sense all around. Consistent succession. Nothing remains as it was. With the sensation of having gained ground, a sign composition closes in anew with digital noisiness."
In the frame of their new work AUTO_GENERATION_DC, reMI present one of their impressive live acts.



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reMI, auto_generation_DC, 2004. video. Courtesy Edition Medienturm, Graz