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  [SOUND-SCAPE VS LAPTOP-PUNK. Kim Cascone / Tigerbeat6]

ppc - lounge
Neubaugasse 6, A-8020 Graz

KID606 and the entire community of the Californian label “Tigerbeat6” are – contrary to a lot of other representatives of the more experimental electronic music – in direct relationship with Punk and Rock’n’Roll, albeit current technological possibilities are fully utilized; here, sound shall not merely be a field for the experiment, but sound shall ache, sound shall be the expression of a subjective condition, what in the case of “Tigerbeat6” often coincides with rebellion expressed by sound and with rude eclecticism. Instead of the stylisation as robot with music calculator the postpubertal rocker appears, who has indeed traded in the guitar for the laptop, how ever, still wanting to be, and convincingly being organ of the counter- public and of underground.
Kim Cascone, on the other hand, attended a university education, composed film music, amongst others for David Lynch, and founded in the late 1980s the label “Silent”, which would become one of the most famous labels in the field of electronic music. He published more than 15 sound storage media and worked amongst others with Carsten Nicolai, Oval, Scanner and David Toop. Cascone’s soundscapes impress through their technically outstanding realization and their particular connotational force and musical diversity. Despite the completely different musical socialisation and formal language, this evening shall be an attempt, to bridge Cascone’s ambientesque soundscapes with the rebellious Laptop-Punk of acts by “Tigerbeat6”.

Harald A. Wiltsche

Kim Cascone, DJ /rupture, Kid606, Dwayne Sodahberk

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Kim Cascone, Live-Act, ppc - lounge, Graz 2003