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  [17/21-04. Sabina Hörtner]

Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

SPEECH: Heike Maier
Sabina Hörtner likes to create graphic elements in her works, in order to align them contextually according to the architectural conditions of the respective surrounding space. By means of these mostly fine interventions, she opens up surprising, sculptural spaces, which in their variant interpretations take on a measuring of the present exhibition space and of the cultural field: a starting point for a dialogue between artist and recipient.
In her current work, the patio of the Medienturm is used as observation platform to make “readable” in the right angle Hörtner’s large format installation 17/21-04 from approximately 40 meters above the ground. Graphic elements which at first sight appear arbitrary, array to a spatial structure. To the areaway of the Medienturm, Hörtner applies orange-red adhesive tape in a basic grid of around 7x7 meters, of which the fine structure unfolds only when looking at it from above. In addition, a dozen of customary laser pointers (car key!) are directed towards the grid from around 30 meters above the ground, in order to draw, when moved by the wind, pointed colour hues to the present structure. Seen from an appropriate angle, the seemingly arbitrary vectors array to a precisely formulated plane, that develops, by consciously involving the audience, to a changing, space-defining installation.
Another light installation “Up to the Stars” is presented on the top floor of the tower. The actual exhibition space remains vacant, at night erratically pulsating light radiates to the outside. The signals of this specific “light house” are, however, no signals in the common sense of an information carrier. They avoid further decipherment and establish an aura of mysteriousness. Hörtner’s interventions make use of the architectural and urbanistic particularities of the reconfigured building and of its surrounding area by assigning to the recipients, in the course of crossmedial, sitespecific “re-mapping”, dialogic positions, which are largely left to chance, in the present case to weather or electric impulses.

Sabina Hörtner

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Sabina Hörtner, 17/21 -04, 2004. Installation. View Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz, 2004.