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  [FLY HIGH I-II. Temporary Architectures]

Verein Medienturm
Großmarktstraße 8b, A-8020 Graz

Sabina Hörtner, Hans Kupelwieser
FLY HIGH is a presentation of artistic, temporary projects, realized by students who work with the particular features of the area at the old slaughter house, the verticalness of the tower being an additional challenge. The present structures of the tower, such as the height and the resulting wind factor, the character of the building that outgrows the city structure, the decreased distance to the approaching airplanes above Graz, but also some particular architectural details are picked out as a central theme. In addition, video works of all participating students on this topic are presented in a container vehicle in front of the tower.

As part of “Europäischer Tag des Denkmalschutzes in Österreich” (“European Heritage Day in Austria”) and in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Office for the Care of Monuments, the former water tower at the one-time slaughter house is again used as art display covering the theme of “Alte Bauten – Neue Nutzung” (“Old Buildings – New Usage”). Media installations of the collective Glotzophon (Markus Gansberger / Armin Purkrabek) are processoriented discussions of space, light, image and sound. In the foreground is the attempt to hit on the borders of audio-visual coherences, to sound them out and to filter out an individual aesthetics of this stage: digital and analogue technologies are combined. Glotzophon’s current work “vctrl#1” (in cooperation with Daniel Hafner) captivates by a playful and precise handling of medial techniques with the aim to draft complex media bodies. In the exhibition space, several monitors are spread, displaying digitally manipulated body images of the visitors. Four cameras record, from different angles, details of the visitors, which add up in the installation’s entirety to variant-rich bodies. Through the visitors’ movements around the monitors, laser sensors are activated, triggering seemingly at random a change of the shown body images and of the installation’s sound.

Markus Brand / Jürgen Ulrych (A), Werner Fahrenberger / Bernhard Voura (A), Markus Gansberger / Daniel Hafner / Armin Purkrabek (A), Martin Gansberger (A), Christoph Gratzer / Michael Huemer / Kerstin Lahl (A), Michael Hieslmair / Marusa Sagadin (A/SLO)

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, Count Down, 2004. Performance. Michael Huemer, Kerstin Lahl