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  [LUUKKAANKANGAS. Dariusz Kowalski / Stefan Németh]

Ovalhalle / MQ Wien Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Wien

Medienturm SHOWS 03
SPEECH: Marc Ries
Freeways or highways are a synonym for today’s mobility, which implicates a specific comprehension of space. They are transit spaces without a historic or geographic reference point and function rather as a spatial in-between of two locations. The formal and cartographic analysis of the image of road networks within the landscape topicalizes the “banal” and “fleeting”. The transit space, the blind spot of the journey becomes central. Starting point of Dariusz Kowalski’s work are around 12.000 recordings of streets by webcams, which are fed regularly into the Internet by the Finnish Road Administration for the purpose of weather observation.
The opening features a live act by Kowalski and LOKAI, a formation of the guitarist Florian Kmet and the Electronica performer Stefan Németh.

Dariusz Kowalski, Stefan Németh, Marc Ries

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Dariusz Kowalski, LUUKKAANKANGAS, 2004. video. Courtesy: Edition Medienturm, Graz